March 30, 2010

An Uninvited Guest

Based on a true story

Finished up my last gin
Head caught up in a spin
Thought it was late plenty
Needed to sleep badly

Got my ass off the chair
There’s a cat in the stairs
Fur all smeared, black and white
Purring in the faint moonlight

I’m dressed dark, like a bum
I expected it to run
But it moaned, meowed and begged
Wrapping all around my legs

Its back against the sidewalk
You should have seen it gawk
Roll over, all happy
As I rubbed its belly

Tell me why it likes me?
I’m not even friendly
And I’m beat and it’s late
And it’s cold, which I hate

OK Sir, Mr. Fluff
I think I’ve had enough
I’ll just be on my way
See you some other day

He follows me still
Even past my doorsill
Sneaks inside like a mouse
Acts like it’s his own house

Enough fooling around
Don’t make me chase you down
Suddenly, it hit me;
Maybe you are hungry?

Can of fish in a plate
I can use it as bait
And when he wants no more
He’ll just meow for the door

He eats half of his meal
Doesn’t finish the deal
Without saying good night
Disappeared out of sight.

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