January 27, 2010

I am a person of color.

There is one thing in this world I find vile, unacceptable and pervasive. It’s a dark, rampant attitude masquerading as pseudo generalizations or common places about groups of people that don’t share a single thing. It’s called racism and I shriek every time I’m exposed to it.

I was sharing a ride with someone (let me stay very generic here, I often underestimate the amount of people actually reading this) this morning, when they proceeded to explain me that Montreal taxi cabs were dangerous because they are driven by “people of color”.

“People of what?!” I asked in disgust. I was yelling inside my head. Are you fucking kidding me? Why don’t you blame their zodiac sign or their shoe size while you’re at it? “You know, these people are less inclined to follow rules...”. “Oh!” I said, “then I’m a person of color, too.”

I cannot start to describe you how I feel inside when subjected to such ridiculous racist bullshit disguised as casual carpooling conversation. But what totally kills me is the innocent stare I get back upon my reaction, like the person is stating such obvious facts that I cannot possibly oppose to them.

These, my friends, are the true roots of racism. Far, far away from the white hoods and the burning crosses, in appearances. Dangerously close in reality. You cannot possibly harbor ideas like my distinguished driver’s without being infected by some level of racism. Might as well say “Negros shouldn’t drive” or “kick them all wetbacks out, our roads will be safer”. See? If you were affected by these two less subtle last statements but not by the first one, take a long, deep look inside of yourself.

And by the way, it’s no better if the statement presents a quality. Saying or thinking “Asians are really dedicated workers” or “Latinos have such great rhythm” is the same big, ugly, steaming pile of racist horse shit.

People CANNOT be associated by the color of their skin, religion, sex choice or origin, no more than by their physical height, eye color or abundance of nasal hair. What is it that is so difficult to understand? I know black assholes, Iranian geniuses, white bigots, asian saints. Now remake this last phrase with any combination and it is also true.

You know what? I only know geniuses, saints, bigots and assholes.

And I, too, am a person of color.



  1. I'm a color too. I'm beige. With a subtle pink undertone!

  2. My slightly higher concentrated melinan bretheren call me clear. But I applaud your courage to speak up against the ridiculous poison these ppl are trying to spread.